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Eureka's new store in Amsterdam

02 Nov 2016

News Eureka's new store in Amsterdam
Last October, Eureka Shoes opened its first store in Amsterdam, therefore marking an international presence with stores within three countries: Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands.

The entrance on the Dutch market is one more milestone on the brand’s internationalization investment strategy, thus widening their store network for a total of 30, among those outlets, franchising and own stores.

Located on the most privileged commercial area in Amsterdam - Hobbemastraat 9 -, the newest store, with a pop-up store model, offers 100% national footwear, on a building which façade presents iconic elements from the Portuguese Discoveries, symbol that represents the conquest of new markets.
Nowadays, Eureka Shoes has 27 stores on the main Portuguese cities, one in Luxembourg, one in Germany and one in the Netherlands and one online store. After 25 years of production and know how in the footwear industry, the brand embarked on the retail sector by presenting a new dimension for the male and female footwear. With luxurious materials, attractive shapes and modern designs, Eureka Shoes aims to reach a broad range of customers, who look for uniqueness, design, fashion and quality.