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Expo Riva with a positive outcome

News - 16 Jun 2016

News Expo Riva with a positive outcome
Expo Riva Schuh remains one of the most prestigious events on the footwear sector worldwide. The last edition finished with a high number of visitors, a total of 11.025, who walked along the corridors of Garda’s exhibition.

The event also strengthened the presence of international brands with a total of 1.139 foreigner attendances among the 1.430 exhibitors, resulting on the representation of over 40 countries (such as China, India, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Indonesia and Pakistan).

Portugal was represented by 62 companies, one of the largest-ever attendance on the event in Garda.

From Expo Riva emerges a portrait of a continuously changing sector. “This edition recovered the portrayal of a sector on a profound transformation”, explain Riva del Garda’s president, Roberto Pellegrini. “Expo Riva Schuh is always an opportunity to understand the evolution of the market and on this this edition, in particular, we noticed important changes. We encountered new types of visitors, for instance, coming from large fast fashion chains, which demonstrate a huge interest on the footwear sector. The major challenge for the future will be the management to provide effective results for the new market demands.”

An especially positive factor of this edition was the attention from the Russian clients, who not only returned to Expo Riva looking for average range products that can adapt the needs of their internal market in crisis, but can find also “Made in Italy” companies with which Russia can have long-term partnerships.

The purchasing strategies are changing”, states Riva del Garda’s director, Giovanni Laezza. “Thereby, the companies are also looking for alternative ways to compete at an international level. Several luxury brands are considering to manufacture average range products, besides their collections, where quality is still guaranteed but can be offered at a lower price and higher responsiveness to the markets’ demands. It is similar to the introduction of the concept of ‘fast fashion’. This evolution allows new perspectives to the event, which can become a key point to this kind of production.”

The next edition of Expo Riva Schuh will take place from 14 to 17 January 2017.