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For children with style

News - 27 Jul 2012

News For children with style
Portugal exported, in 2011, five million pairs of children´s shoes, worth 98 million euros. Comparatively to the previous fiscal year, it represents a growth of 7% in quantity and 17% in value. What factors contributed to this growth? APICCAPS heard from some specialists.

For Sílvia Marinho, from Savana, the number of customers requesting tests (which in the children´s segment are very demanding), declarations, contracts and related documents is always increasing, which results from the growing requirements made by (mostly) European environmental-protection legislation, and also by the consumers. Production in Europe is, beyond any doubt, the one that provides the most safeguards and Portugal is one of the countries that offer the best value for money. Fernando Silva, from Bo-bell, assures that the proximity to European markets, the decrease of large series orders and the credit constraints contributed to the return of orders that had been sourced to Northern African and Asian countries.

But exactly what can Portuguese companies specialized in children´s footwear offer the markets?
We place extreme importance on the details. Our shoes have outstanding characteristics when it comes to comfort, but are also interesting from a design point of view, says Savana´s commercial representative. To the contemporaneity of the collections, Fernando Silva adds the careful choice of materials, the ergonomic concerns, the production flexibility and the guarantee of meeting delivery deadlines. In addition to all this, there´s the product reliability, price, the proximity to the centre of Europe and the existence of a true productive centre that aggregates skills, partners and suppliers.