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Iconic Take II: For man only

19 Jul 2017

News Iconic Take II: For man only
2017 is also the year for men. The ICONIC campaign reveals a new moment exclusively dedicated to men’s footwear to draw attention to the 23 million pairs of shoes that are manufactured in Portugal annually.

In the year that Luís Onofre is elected as APICCAPS’ new President, the association is investing on the communication’s segmentation by partitioning the ICONIC campaign in several moments. Following the interpretation of six iconic characters by Victoria Guerra to disclose the women’s footwear and the presentation of children's footwear by The Coolest Kids, it is now Jules Raynal's turn to present the men’s footwear.

Always with the goal of reinforcing the production and increase sales, this year represents a particularly strong investment in the national market comparatively to external markets, since this latter already absorbs 90% of the current production.