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Lana Del Rey indulges in Portuguese footwear

24 Aug 2023

News Lana Del Rey indulges in Portuguese footwear
With Lemon Jelly sandals, it’s safe to say that Lana Del Rey has no reason to sing Summertime Sadness. But jokes aside, the international artist chose to wear a model from the Portuguese brand Lemon Jelly at the wedding of actress Margaret Qualley and singer and producer Jack Antonoff.

At the event, which was attended by guests such as Taylor Swift and Channing Tatum, Lana Del Rey wore a simple dress and light pink slides.

"The artist had great support from her community, who found her bold choice of wedding outfit inspiring, showing the power of comfortable and iconic fashion. By choosing to wear elegant platform slides, she managed to break preconceptions about what is considered standard fashion etiquette for this type of event”, says the brand in a statement. Lana Del Rey was in line with one of Lemon Jelly’s mottos: "always authentic and breaking barriers”, it adds.

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