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Lemon Jelly gives a new life to is boots

- 05 Nov 2020

News Lemon Jelly gives a new life to is boots
If you have a pair of Lemon Jelly’s boots at home that you no longer use, this article is for you.
Now, you can donate your boots to recycle them. It’s true, this is already a reality! The brand is collecting old pairs of boots to transformed into new ones.
After grinding the old boots, the materials can be incorporated into the production of new ones. This process, that the brand calls Recycled Lemons, is now seeking old pairs of their shoes.
For now, all the clients who return the boots, get a 10% discount voucher to use in future purchases. "Lemon Jelly knows that taking first steps require a special push, that’s why the first 50 returns will be free of charge. All shoes can be returned at our online store and at any physical store”, explains the brand.
This new project that was now presented is based on the idea that nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Sustainability was always a main concern for the brand, that aims to be a pioneer in the sector. The brand made a commitment to reduce the environmental impact on the planet by contributing to a circular economy within the footwear industry.
The brand was also the winner in the category "Best Carbon Footprint Initiative" at the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2020.