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New brands with launch

News - 02 Mar 2011

News New brands with launch
External Sales promotion is the first priority of the Portuguese footwear companies that place most of their production abroad. For this reason, over the last eight years, 247 new footwear brands, 111 of which community based have already been created and registered, within the scope of GAPI (Industrial Property Support Office) of the Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal (Technological Footwear Centre of Portugal). At this MICAM, in particular, several new brands are going to be revealed to the professionals of the sector.

After fifty years of existence, working under a private label, the Fábrica de Calçado Dura, a company with head office in Felgueiras, currently employing 115 workers and exporting over 80% of its production, is going to launch the men’s footwear brand Exceed. “Our objective includes enhancing the know-how accumulated along decades”, revealed Agostinho Marques.

Exceed is hoping to privilege, at this first stage, just the British and French markets, seeking to approach “contemporary men”. For that, it has an international development team, with Portuguese, English and Italian designers, revealed the person responsible for the company.

Ferre, in turn, is a luxury footwear brand belonging to the company Ferreira & Avelar, founded in 1947, but that “due to a question of a strategic nature was never a commercially strong option”. The objective is to now “exploit the know-how accumulated along the six decades the company has operated, in a luxury positioning, with shoes directed at an age group between 40 and 70 years”, highlighted Ruben Avelar. The second in command of the company, Ferre will privilege the approach “classic men, who are sensitive and appreciate luxury and life”, estimating that the price of a pair of shoes can vary between 200 and 500 Euros, depending on the raw materials used. In terms of markets, the initial option will be Europe in particular France and Germany, but countries such as China, Japan, USA, Brazil and the Arab countries will also be approached in terms of sales.

Now, as for Sun Flower, it is the new insignia of Mystic Sea, which will be revealed to the professionals of the sector in March, in Milan, at MICAM and in Dusseldorf, at GDS. It is, from Luís Silva’s perspective “a brand with a youthful spirit, with an international vocation, that is exclusively aimed at the retail sector, in a mid to high sector”. Sun Flower will be a brand strongly directed at exports, but for the person responsible for the company “the Portuguese domestic market will also be a strong bet”.
 Sun Flower is destined for an elegant public and invests in a design that is not very conventional. “We want to be a kind of counter-fashion that greatly invests in innovation and mix of materials in order to surprise the markets”, stressed Luis Silva. Sun Flower will also invest in the development of other fashion accessories such as hats and scarves.