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New Footwear Museum

30 Nov 2016

News New Footwear Museum
The Shoe Museum in S. João da Madeira, Portugal, opened its doors to the public last 5th November. Situated within the historic Torre da Oliva building, the Shoe Museum honours an industry which has had an indelible impact on the entire S. João da Madeira district, while paying homage to those who in one way or another contributed to the transformation of footwear into one of the country’s main exports. By creating this record of the entire manufacturing process, the Shoe Museum is also about celebrating what Portugal does best. Rather than just being a trip down memory lane, this new museum is an affirmation of the present with its eyes firmly fixed on the future.

Displaying more than 500 different kinds of footwear from an archive of over 7000, the Shoe Museum also features the machinery and tools which went into the manufacture of countless pairs of shoes, as well as twenty recreations of different historical periods from prehistory to the 20th century, and copies of attire from Medieval times to the 18th century. Adding to this wide range of attractions is an exhibition of a few dozen contemporary artworks in the section Sapatos com Arte (“Shoes and Art”).