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Portugal on the path of big investors?

01 Mar 2012

News Portugal on the path of big investors?
First some internationally prestigious brands opted for Portugal due to high quality footwear development. Now it is the time for renowned companies to return to production in Portugal. After Louis Vuitton the turn has come for Ecco.

The Danish multinational Ecco, which was once the biggest footwear producer in Portugal, is again hiring workers on a large scale.

The company, who opted to focus its production on Asia in 2009, always kept a research and development centre in Santa Maria da Feira. Now they are again producing footwear in Portugal. The aim is to quickly reach 450 workers.

In the last few weeks around 150 new workers have been admitted, but in the next few weeks dozens more might be hired.

The hiring of new workers is always good news, at a time in which the unemployment rate in Portugal has reached an historical high. According to Fernanda Moreira, of the Footwear Workers Union of S. João da Madeira, this is excellent news: “in a time of generalized unemployment growth, to have a company recruiting in large scale”. “What we wish for most is that they will come to a decision to keep production here”, she emphasised.