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Portuguese Footwear at Portugal Fashion

20 Apr 2016

News Portuguese Footwear at Portugal Fashion
Convento do Beato southwards and CEIIA - Centre of Engineering and Innovation, Alfândega do Porto and Museu do Carro Eléctrico up north. These were the emblematic spaces, which received the confident steps of the national fashion, in March, in another Portugal Fashion edition.

This edition is one more on a list of 37 that has previously occurred in Portugal. Overall, 24 creators (22 sole creators and two duos), eight clothing brands and six footwear brands, 13 young designers and three young designers brands filled the national runway with proposals for the next Fall-Winter season. The event marked the return of Alexandra Moura to Oporto’s runways and the debut of Daniela Barros e Hugo Costa. Alves & Gonçalves, Carlos Gil, Fátima Lopes, Luís Buchinho, Miguel Vieira, Nuno Baltazar, Júlio Torcato, among others unwavering names of the national fashion, covered the runways during the four days dedicated to creativity and design.

Yet again the reinforcement of the partnerships between creators and footwear brands was evident with the presence of new partnerships (Storytailors x Dkode, Nuno Baltazar x NoStudio, Estelita Mendonça x Senhor Prudência), as well as  the strengthening of previous existing synergies (Alexandra Moura x Goldmund, Katty Xiomara x JJ Heitor, Pedro Pedro x Basilius and Miguel Vieira).

The Portuguese footwear was in evidence in the event once again. The third day was marked by Luís Onofre’s fashion show. The last day also received the proposals of six footwear brands with a collective fashion show, Shoes.

The product is the image of freedom of a brand, as well as its large frontier, thereby giving rise to the creative evolution in its capacity of diversity and acceptance. All of this concerns one specific progress: the human development.
The product is developed on an environment of constant change and progress. Ambitious’ next season reinvents, once again, the sneakers. New materials and patterns, along with comfort allied to alternative and cutting-edge designs remain this brand’s fundamental principles.
The colors vary between the classical white and the irreverent bordeaux, going also through bolder flower patterns.  

JJ Heitor
You’N’Shoe, a Woman and a Shoe in perfect symbiosis. This is the concept for the next Fall-Winter 2016/17 season of JJ Heitor. Attitude, Freedom and Statement are 3 key words of the brand, which expects each woman to take on a ‘stylish identity’.
The combination between the quality of the materials, the excellence of the production and an irreverent design are aspects which identify this collection. The mixture of several contrasting leathers, which are strong yet flexible and maintain their shape, are suitable for nowadays and creates a new aesthetic. All of this provokes a new way of thinking and adds personality to every woman’s style.

J Reinaldo
The ‘J REINALDO’ collection for autumn/winter 2017 gives classic designs a contemporary touch.
The effort is on reinventing Goodyear’s models and the classics, with the application of several original feedstocks.
The colors black, brown and shades of grey predominate in a perfect symbiosis between classic and modern.

Fly London
As usual, FLY London’s autumn/winter 2016 collection focused on the creation of irreverent models. The men’s line reveals one of the brand’s biggest turnarounds ever: the emphasis in sneakers, motivated by the usual uniqueness and retro inspiration. 
In the women’s line, the proposal are distort metallic heels, to embellish the rough and transform the classic into something unique.

Top Squad warms up Nobrand’s next Fall-Winter season. Reminiscent of cult movies such as “Behind Enemy Lines, “Top gun” or “Hot Shots”, the collection also incorporates a knack of humor from “Heroes to Zeros”.
Combat aircraft, pilot helmets, badges, flying suits and military stencils set the pace of the brand's proposals. Travelling at supersonic speed, the collection includes footwear for men and women, which vary from heavy duty aviator boots and others from refined formal officer’s style, completing it with the sneakers. The collection addresses climate condition variations with fur boots to counter the coldest temperature of the Russian city Yakutsk, and new and more pleasant linings to face up the warmth of area 51 in Nevada.

Creation is a state of mind. ‘Make, remake and remix’ is the motto for the creative revolution in DKODE’s new autumn/winter 2016/17 collection.
Rustic shades, textured leathers and the re-establishment of traditional techniques give further sophistication and authenticity to each model. The sober color palette in timeless shades surprises this cold season with small hints of color and distinctive behaviors of the different materials.  Combining with this season's warm and cold shades, the neutral shade of amber is, par excellence, the transversal shade for both men’s and women’s proposals. 

Luís Onofre
“Coração Selvagem” (Wild at Heart) sets the pace of Luis Onofre’s next season and reflects the meeting of opposites. This creator's winter overlaps opposites to create a whole. The singularity of each shoe comes from the opposition of its elements. Shapes, colors and textures intensify each detail, in a juxtaposition where contrast validates identity.
High heels become lower and wider in shape, gaining elegance through metallic elements and new geometries. Shades of gray substitute brown and black. Also appear the colors green, honey and light pink in conjunction with leathers and suede.
The glitter of the Swarovski crystals practically transformed the footwear into gala dresses. In this collection, the classic Portuguese jewelry merges in a perfect symbiosis with the footwear to honor the Viana Heart pendant as an emotional adornment and a label of tradition that transforms each shoe into an authentic jewel.

Miguel Vieira

Freedom on its purest state was the inspiration of Miguel Vieira for the next Fall-Winter season. The creator presented his collection dominated by the chromatic attention on the third day of the event. Since the human evolution has always been symbolically defined by color, the creator proposals settle on shades of power and elegance (black), calmness and wisdom (navy blue) and innocence (white).
Colors with their own emotions that, when combined amongst themselves, create a universe of new emotions and feelings.
Neoprene, custom and quilted fabrics joined by voluminous hand-knitted fabrics, sloppy shoulders and fur applications characterize this collection.