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Portuguese Footwear detach itself in Europe

News - 30 May 2008

News Portuguese Footwear detach itself in Europe
The Portuguese shoes are the only one to grow in Europe. According to data from Eurostat, in 2007, the production of footwear in Portugal increased 4.5%, which is now in 74.9 million pairs.

The Footwear production in the EU (to 25), decrease 2.5% to 573,3 million pairs. The largest decline occurred in Spain. Indeed, in 2007, the Spanish industry produced 109 million pairs of footwear, 7.5% less than in the previous year.

Also Italy continues to take itself as the main producer of footwear in the Old Continent, even though in 2007 has been registered a slight retreat (of 0.4%) to 243 millions of pairs.

The production of footwear  in France, in turn, backed 5% to 36.7 million pairs and in the rest of Europe, where it includes Romania (one of the main European producer), there is a retreat of 5.2% to 107,4 million pairs.

Exports also grow in 2007

The good performance of the Portuguese footwear (data from INE / APICCAPS) in 2007 is also visible concerning the exports. For the first time in 2007, also exports exceeded the barrier of 90% of its production.