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Portuguese footwear experiences growth in 2011

News - 27 Dec 2011

News Portuguese footwear experiences growth in 2011
The Portuguese footwear industry is becoming more and more internationalised, as it grows and exports around 95% of its production. In the first nine months of the year, Portuguese footwear exports have grown by 20%.

Portugal currently exports footwear to 132 countries, in five continents – that is, 68% of countries recognised by the World Trade Organisation. Portuguese footwear also reinforced, still in 2011, its status as the product that more positively contributes to the Portuguese import/export ratio, with a positive balance that will surpass 850 million euros by the end of the year.

 From January to September, according to the Portuguese National Institute for Statistics, Portugal exported footwear in the value of 1.231 million euros. Imports have grown 7% to 427 millions of euros.
Portuguese footwear exports have been registering growth in practically every market, particularly in the European Union. France (a growth of 10.8% reaching 162 million euros), Germany (21,4% reaching 113 million euros) and Holland (22%, reaching 80 million euros). Sales fell 3.2% in the United Kingdom (to 46 million euros), but thrived in Italy (a growth of 77% to 19 million euros).

Outside of Europe, growth was also recorded in Russia (72,7%, 5,2 million euros), the USA (21,8%, 4,8 million euros), Japan (28,6%, 4,2 million euros) and Canada (87,6%, 3,6 million euros).

In the last trimester of the year, this export growth rhythm should slow down on account of the worldwide economic crisis. However, 2011 will always be a banner year for the success of Portuguese footwear in the world markets.