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Portuguese footwear exports grew 16% em 2011

News - 01 Mar 2012

News Portuguese footwear exports grew 16% em 2011
Portuguese footwear industry exports have grown 16% in 2011 with a volume of 1.555 million Euros. This is one of the best results ever for the sector. From January to December the sector produced more than 75 million pairs of footwear products and reached more than 130 countries in the 5 continents.

Portuguese Footwear exports have been growing in practically all markets, but particularly in the European Union, such as in Germany (a growth of 21% reaching 280 million Euros), France (7% growth, reaching 397 million Euros), Netherlands (17% growth, reaching 212 million Euros), and Spain (34% growth, reaching 168 million Euros). The good performance in Italy should also be highlighted due to its symbolism. In 2011 Portugal exported 2.8 million pairs of footwear products (a growth of 11%) in a value of 48 million Euros (a growth of 45%).

Portuguese footwear is growing in a significant way outside the European space (31% growth). Highlights go to the good performance in Russia (49% growth reaching 16 million Euros), USA (growth of 16%, reaching 14 million Euros), Canada (49% growth, reaching 12 million Euros) and Japan (29% growth, reaching 9.8 million Euros). The average price of exported Portuguese footwear rose 4.4 Euros to an average price of 19.72 Euros.

In 2011, Portuguese footwear has reinforced its status as the product which has the greatest positive contribution to the Portuguese import-export ratio, with a positive balance above the billion Euro mark by the end of the year. In fact, in 2011, the exports grew at three times the rate of imports (a growth of 5.7% to 541 million Euros).