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Portuguese footwear “kisses” ModaLisboa

21 Mar 2016

News Portuguese footwear “kisses” ModaLisboa
“Kiss” was the chosen theme for this commemorative edition of ModaLisboa’s 25 years. The national footwear enhanced the synergies between creativity and industry, through the strenghth of partnerships between footwear brands and designers, which was presented on the runway and on Portuguese Shoes’ exhibition.

The main goal of this collaborations is to continue the fusion between design and industry, by reinforcing the complementary upgrade of creativity and large-scale production within a global reach, which results on mutual advantages concerning the global positioning of the «made in Portugal» design.
The “Kiss” edition of ModaLisboa, which took place from the 11th to the 13th of March in Patio da Galé, was attended by more than a dozen footwear brands and unveiled a special focus on the potential of new values like Banda, Nair Xavier, Olga Noronha e Patrick de Pádua.

Dino Alves x Nobrand, Banda x Nelson Oliveira, Luís Carvalho x Eureka, Miguel Vieira x Miguel Vieira, Nuno Gama x Eureka, Saymyname x Daniela Catraia and Valentim Quaresma x Fly London consolidated the previously developed partnerships.

This edition was marked by the betting in partnerships with young designers, resulting in the fusion between Nair Xavier x Mikels, Olga Noronha x Biblical Lust, Ricardo Andrez x Melo and Patrick de Pádua x Dkode.

Portuguese Shoes exhibition

Located at the Town Hall in Praça do Município, from the 11th to 13th of March, the exhibition revealed the proposals of the footwear brands presented on the runway, allowing the audience to look at the national talent and modernism.