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Portuguese Footwear on the spotlight at Portugal Fashion

15 May 2017

News Portuguese Footwear on the spotlight at Portugal Fashion
It started with full strength, in Lisbon, after an authentic journey around the world in less than a month. Last March, Portugal Fashion has presented the trends for the cold days of 2018.

Cordoaria Nacional was the home for the first day of the event, which received the presentations of Pedro Pedro, Alexandra Moura, Alves/Gonçalves and TM Collection. Back to Oporto, the second day was dedicated, as usual, to the presentations of the young creators of the platform Bloom. Now under the creative direction of Paulo Cravo, the platform crowded Palácio dos Correios with creativity and avant-garde design.

The third day took place in the misterious environment of Centro Português de Fotografia (CPF), where Katty Xiomara, besides her fashion show, inaugurated the exhibition Anatomia do Tempo - Memories Revisited. The designer invited eight national fashion photographers to recreate an old photo of CPF with the mystic universe of the new Katty Xiomara collection, “El toro enamorado de la luna”, as an inspiration.
Anabela Baldaque, Carlos Gil, Diogo Miranda and Luís Onofre were the following presentations at Alfândega Porto Congress Centre. Overall, 31 fashion shows involving 15 creators, 6 clothing brands, 6 footwear brands and 10 young designers have filled up the days dedicated to the national creativity.

Once again, the last day of the event was marked by the collective footwear fashion show, in front of a room at Alfândega Porto Congress Centre in its maximum capacity. With the actress Kelly Bailey as a special guest, the brands Ambitious, Dkode, Fly London, JJ Heitor, J Reinaldo and Nobrand presented some of the main female and male trends that set the collections of the next winter and will enhance even more the presence of the Portuguese Footwear worldwide.


An international collection motivated by its diversified field of action and inspired by the several features and differences of each market.
Ambitious’ cold days will be marked by a young collection with a casual environment and some lines with walking and more sporty characteristics. The brand’s great concern for the next season is the production of models that can assure sales, so it can be commercially marketable.


“Be Earthed, Connecting To Nature, Will Change Everything. You feel an uncontrollable desire to connect to earth”. Nature is, once again, the great inspiration of Dkode for the next season. A collection with misaligned and organic textures, always with the brand’s characteristic earthy look.
The cold days' proposals include an increasing noticeable mix of materials. The classical models are revisited in innovative approaches and two characteristics that are transverse to all suggestions: quality and comfort.
The color palette of the season is based on earthy tones, such as Ocher and Red Adobe, with Purple, Khaki and Royal Blue decorations. Supplementing the metallic tones are the colored and floral patterns and color highlights.

Fly London
Season after season, Fly London presents its own interpretation of trends and offers a wide variety of models, colors and materials, which keep the brand on the international forefront of fashion. The admirable charm of Fly London is increasingly strong and the 2017 Fall/Winter collection will not be an exception.
Highlight to the female proposals with the lines Auto and Paige, and to the male lines Milwoker and Spiral.

JJ Heitor
Unusual combinations and daily luxury are constant themes of this collection. The designs have subtle retro influences with simplified or deconstructed models.
Details elaborations and simple heel’s but sophisticated designs have a contemporary but timeless appeal. The more saturated colors, such as dark colors close to black, have an almost tangible intensity. The metallic tones give the opportunity for the combination of unique colors to pieces, bold but sober blocks of color, which is essential in the simple models, however expressive and that bring versatility with subtle and austere tones.

J Reinaldo
On a more contemporary approach, the new Fall/Winter J. Reinaldo’s collection doesn’t leave the heritage behind but interprets it and adds its own touch of modernity, for an urban and practical but sophisticated design.
An adopted vision not only for the taste of the most attentive to style and design but also for the most appreciators of quality and tradition.
The leathers’ mix of different textures that combines with unique details reinforce its individuality. Marked by timeless tones, the color palette gains a new life with the application of metallic tones and varnishes. The finishings reinforce the tradition of handmade manufacturing.


For the next season, Nobrand had its own journey as inspiration, influenced by a wild spirit and the concrete jungles.
The smooth sensation of refined velvet impregnated the aligned and casual styles inspired by the exuberant vegetation of our lost forests, substituted by the cities’ cement.
Peculiar and contemporary, the color palette stand between the grey tones of the dusty and sterile urban areas and the concrete ruins to shiny polished marble. The colors are transverse to both genres resulting in a subtle mix of earthy tones, which combine with the grey and black urban decorations. The colors ebony and brown coffee have firm and intense characteristics, which are emphasized by the grey and green tones of the clean leather or worn suede, reinforcing the brand’s DNA with the soft metallic details that are even so also visible and are in line with the general inspiration.

Luís Onofre and Miguel Vieira shine on the runway
Among the Romanesque consistency of the medieval domes and the punk’s progressive freedom of the 70’s, there is an unexpected artistic unity where all the overloads meet. “Solid Rock” sets the tone for the next winter with Luís Onofre’s female footwear that recalls the cathedrals’ monumentality and male footwear inspired by the rock’s audacity.
Manufactured with the consistency of a rock column, the heels are enhanced and gain protagonism. In metal or Swarovski crystals, the heels thicken and serve as support for models that can take more rounded or pointed shapes. The collection’s robustness demands, in its base, the strength of antic black or dark denim, which tone down with the contrast with more pale tones, such as old-pink, dark nude, light teal, brown and honey. The colored embroideries complete the palette.
By its turn, Miguel Vieira presented “Reflexos Refletidos” in an interpretation about the importance of the pieces we wear. The creator’s winter collection presents dark tones counterpointing with white and red tones.
For men, highlight to the slim structured suits and tailored made casual overcoats and pronounced cutting trousers. For women, the slim silhouettes predominate: maxi and mini sizes, contrasting volumes and structured pieces.