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Portuguese leather goods conquer foreign markets

News - 08 Jun 2011

News Portuguese leather goods conquer foreign markets
Portuguese leather goods show an increasingly greater quality and have already become an international reference. Over the past ten years, exports have doubled (to over 41 million euros) and currently reach 116 countries (up from 80 earlier in the decade). 

There are 140 leather goods companies in Portugal, accounting for 1,105 jobs. São João da Madeira is the leather goods industry s main cluster in Portugal, followed closely by Oporto and Alcanena.  

The industry exports about 20% of its output, especially for Spain (9.6 million euros), Angola (5.6 million euros), France (4.8 million euros), Tunisia (3.2 million euros) and Switzerland (2.3 million euros). Bags and purses account for about 60% of the exports.

In recent years, the leather goods industry lost some relative weight, but last year there was an international growth, with exports growing by 5.5%. 

The average size of businesses is rather small, but they are remarkably dynamic and have a huge capacity to adapt to markets.