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Portuguese Leather goods still in shape

12 Dec 2016

News Portuguese Leather goods still in shape
Portuguese exports of leather goods and accessories grow year after year. They have practically tripled since 2008 and, in the end of 2015, have reached 150 million Euros. Last year, sales of leather goods and accessories abroad increased 5,7%, with a special note for growth in Spain (up 36% to 38 million Euros) and also in Netherlands (up 58% to 4 million Euros).

This year, Portuguese leather goods are winning over more and more fans, with growth, in the first trimester of 13% to 85 million euros.

Portuguese leather goods exports are less concentrated geographically than footwear and component exports, with the five main markets absorbing less than two thirds of total exports . The 2015 year was marked by the recovery of first position by Spain, as a result of over 45% growth compared with the previous year, replacing France. Romania, Angola and Morocco appear in the positions that follow, as a result of fairly significant growth in the last five years.