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Portuguese Shoes Must Go On

01 Feb 2016

News Portuguese Shoes Must Go On
Around the world in 366 days. For real. This is the foreseeable scenario for around 180 footwear companies next year. Under the promotion plan defined by APICCAPS and AICEP and already approved by the Compete 2020 Program, Portuguese footwear will be present in 70 promotional initiatives abroad, in a total of 16 countries, in five continents.

Internationalisation is a major strategic priority for the Portuguese footwear industry. In this regard, in 2016, Portuguese footwear will reinforce its commitment to overseas commercial promotion, with actions planned for 16 markets (the largest number ever).

Essentially, there are four major objectives for carrying out this promotional offensive, namely to consolidate the position of the Portuguese footwear in foreign markets, to diversify the destination of exports, to approach new markets and to help new companies to start the process of internationalisation. To stimulate demand, to improve the quality of the products available, to positively differentiate Portuguese footwear over its competitors and to catch new windows of opportunity are other important targets.

So, besides boosting its presence in the main international specialist events such as MICAM and Expo Riva Schuh (Italy) and GDS (Germany) there are also plans to increase the presence of Portuguese footwear in other initiatives that will open up the way towards high potential niche segments. In this regard, Portuguese companies will attend specialist forums from Las Vegas to Tokyo, and Moscow to Shanghai.

Major marketing campaign

Alongside this overseas commercial promotion project, there are plans to run a campaign to improve the image of Portuguese footwear in foreign markets.

Continuing on with the campaign begun in June 2009, with the presentation of the new image of Portuguese footwear, customers from all around the world will be surprised with relevant information on the national situation. For the first time, the institutional image campaign can and should be complemented by an increased media presence of brands and Portuguese products in the main international magazines of the speciality.