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Sanjo creates a collection for skaters

- 25 Feb 2021

News Sanjo creates a collection for skaters
Bringing the brand closer to the younger segment is a goal of Sanjo that, in this new collection, presents products aimed at skaters. TRIBE 33/90 is the new collection of the brand and combines the Portuguese heritage with underground subcultures, particularly of the tribes of the ’70s in California, where drought had an unexpected effect. Surfers migrated from beaches to pools, left their boards behind, and switched them for skateboards, turning the empty pools into a new playground for this new community.

This was the imaginary associated with Sanjo, between 1933 and the ‘90s, which served as an inspiration for this 2021 Spring/Summer collection. "These connections present a conformity of thoughts, habits, and ways of being, that inspired the new colors of the iconic K100 and K200 models. From this dialog between the past and the future, Sanjo presents itself as increasingly groundbreaking, however, aware, as it decreased its environmental footprint by using 100% organic materials and new shapes, in tribute to this new Sanjo Tribe”, states the brand in a press release.