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Sanjo launches its first shoes for skateboarders

- 27 May 2021

News Sanjo launches its first shoes for skateboarders
Sanjo’s connection to sport is undeniable. Just look back to the 50s, 60s and 70s, when the (sorely missed) indoor football teams wore the iconic brand on their feet.

But if the athletes of that time kicked a ball around the court wearing their Sanjo shoes, now it is the skateboarders who roll across the asphalt, powered by Sanjo’s new model.

The brand’s new creative approach makes for a perfect marriage with the underground world of skateboarding, and there was an immense desire to create a genuine and durable relationship with this community. So, Sanjo decided to form its first skateboard team, SANJO TEAM, which has seven members: Aníbal Martins, Daniel Crespo, Tiago Correia, Tiago Miguel, Alexandra Barros, Adele and Bruno "Zapa” Cruz.

These seven skateboarders have helped the brand get closer to this community and create a product that meets the real needs of today’s skateboarders. Focusing on skateboarders and their progress, the new Sk8 TESTE shoe was created to ensure the best possible performance, based on suggestions from the SANJO TEAM skateboarders.

As a result, Sanjo’s classic designs have been reinvented and reinterpreted and are now available with new features. The upper part of the show is suede, providing greater durability and wear. By enhancing the foam to make it denser, it provides greater durability where skateboarders need it most. The reinforced insoles provide greater comfort, softness and cushioning. The rubber part, which was inside the shoe before, is now on the outside, where it provides better protection and increased durability.

The Sanjo Sk8 TESTE thus offers the performance benefits required for skateboarding while maintaining the brand’s iconic look. This new model is now available to buy on the official Sanjo website.

Sanjo launches clothes collection
But the news doesn’t end there. The iconic sports shoe brand has launched its first line of clothing for Spring/Summer 2021. The Tribe Workwear Collection consists of unisex clothing that is made entirely in Portugal. 

Oversized and vintage-inspired, Sanjo’s new clothing line takes us back to the iconic workwear of bygone days that made such a splash in the United States and the United Kingdom. Jackets, waistcoats, shirts, hoodies, sweaters and T-shirts are just some of the pieces in this collection.
Made in Portugal, the Tribe Workwear Collection is inspired by Sanjo’s past. This tribute to the brand’s tradition is expressed in the patterns created specifically for this line, for example, the Sanjo timeline since 1933, or the print of an old photograph of the Sanjoanense basketball team. These highlight the brand’s origins and its long association with sport.