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Savana launches braille project

19 Jan 2023

News Savana launches braille project
Savana Calçados, SA won the competition ‘Metal Shoe’ with the presentation of the "Braille & Sustainability” project, which consisted of the creation of a boot for blind children made from sustainable materials. Luísa Silva explains that the project aims to "contribute to a more inclusive society that enables blind children to be as autonomous as possible. We want the industry to break barriers and be accessible to all”, states the commercial head of Savana.

But the company’s efforts do not end here. Sustainability was also added to the project, with the development of a model whose sole is produced with seaweed, the cut made with apple peel, bamboo lining, cork insole with recyclable foam, and an easy put-on-and-take-off system without the need to use laces. To enable Braille reading on the boot, the company also used UV printing. "We allied sustainability to Braille through noble and sustainable materials. We also placed a QR Code to inform about all the characteristics of the product, and 3D printing reading in Braille on the boot itself, box and labels, so that the blind person can access it all”.

This project is an addition to the several social projects that the company carries out every year. Furthermore, Savana has been investing in the development of some more technical products, in the sustainability area. A bet that the company plans to keep in the future.

In the recent past, the footwear company launched the sustainability-focused brand New.Ve. It "is a footwear brand that uses sustainable materials in all its raw materials, has a conscious design and concept, an ethical production and smaller environmental footprint, promoting a circular and cleaner fashion”, explains Luísa Silva. "It is a brand that is looking to go beyond itself. It does not attempt solely to sell more environmentally friendly shoes; it seeks to be an active agent in changing the mentalities of consumer behaviour and raising awareness of the urgency of adopting more responsible daily practices regarding the future of the environment and the planet. The brand’s values include freedom, equality, innovation, circular economy and raising awareness of good practices and a more sustainable future”, she concludes.