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Shoe Museum wins four awards

26 Jun 2017

News Shoe Museum wins four awards
The Shoe Museum, in São João da Madeira, has received on June 9 three awards and an honorable mention. The distinctions have been granted under the scope of the best national museum contest, annually awarded by the Portuguese Museology Association, which recognized the technical, scientific, pedagogic and cultural quality of the Shoe Museum.

Overall, there were 132 Portuguese museums on the competition. The recently inaugurated museum was awarded with:
-    Innovation and Creativity Prize, which distinguished and awarded the Shoe Museum as the most creative and innovative in all areas of activity, from research to incorporation, inventory to conservation, exhibition to educational service and products in the shop to communications;
-    Multimedia Management and Application Prize, which refers to the quality of the multimedia products used in the exhibitions and support to contextualize the objects by promoting and facilitating knowledge;
-    Integration Prize, which distinguished the integration of cultural goods in the museum’s collection, specifically referring to the integration of LUSOLINDO’s footwear collection.

In addition to the awards, the museum was also presented with an honorable mention of Best Museum of the Year, which distinguished it as an institution that preserves the local, regional or national identity with its collections, contributes for the museological knowledge, social development and environmental balance, promotes the qualification of different social groups and fulfills all of its functions as a museum.