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Softwaves launches Green Edition

10 Oct 2019

News Softwaves launches Green Edition

Softwaves just launched the new line Green Edition.

The goal of the brand specialized in the production of leather shoes is to reach new clients: “We’re going to invest in a systematic way of using new materials of non-animal origins. We’re not going to stop producing leather shoes but we will start presenting other new alternatives and materials. Our vision is against the use of synthetic materials based on polymers or recycled plastic”.
Marcelo Santos, the brand’s CEO, believes this is a sustainable path for the future. “Nowadays, the raw materials that are emerging as an alternative to leather, even labeled vegan, are made with synthetic materials from highly polluting plastics. We want to follow a sustainable path with new materials from Nature and which use will not be harmful to the environment”.
In this first green line, the company uses leaves from fast growing trees (elephant ear), as well as materials from biomass (highly wasted in fires) that is industrially transformed and is used in the production of soles and insoles, for instances. “We're still studying two essential aspects: by one hand, how to incorporate these materials in the industrial component; by the other hand, finding a product that is as durable as leather”.