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The Coolest Kids

14 Nov 2016

News The Coolest Kids

APICCAPS promotes footwear for children

The portuguese exports of children’s footwear increased 42% over the past five years and have ascended to a total amount of 125 million euros by the end of 2015. Its growth potential is highly significant. For that reason, APPICAPS currently has a communication campaign, together with 2020 COMPETE Program, with the designation “The Coolest Shoes in the World”.

“Portugal exports 5 million children’s pairs of shoes per year. It is a very specific segment with great demand. With the abilities acquired by the Portuguese companies through the generations and with a highly significant development capacity, we can make a difference in this highly demanding segment”, stated Fortunato Frederico.

Increasing exports, conquer new clients and approach new markets are the main goals of this operation, inserted in the sector’s internationalization strategy and that, in one hand, results on the presence in around 70 professional exhibitions worldwide and, on the other hand, on communication activities, which are integrated on the ongoing image campaign, with the designation “Portuguese Shoes: Designed by the Future”.