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TOWORKFOR wins e-commerce prize

- 24 Mar 2021

News TOWORKFOR wins e-commerce prize
The online store, TOWORKFOR, won first place in the "E-Commerce of the Year in Clothing and Footwear” category and was the winner of two more awards at the first Portugal E-Commerce Awards.

This initiative is held in partnership with the Lisbon Awards Group and ECO, and is intended to recognise the country’s best e-commerce projects. The AMF Safety Shoes brand received Gold in the Best Product Description and Silver in the Best After Sales Service categories.

In an interview with ECO, Orlando Andrade said: "what began as an experiment turned into a rapidly growing sales channel to which we gave more importance and attention.” The marketing director of AMF Safety Shoes said: "the effective presence of TOWORKFOR in terms of e-commerce, whether through its online store or in marketplaces, is now the brand’s strategic goal.”

"TOWORKFOR’s online store won the E-Commerce of the Year in Clothing and Footwear award, and won Gold and Silver in the Best Product Description and Best After Sales Service categories, respectively. We chose these categories because we believe they are two of the most important from the end user’s point of view. We are very pleased with this recognition; however, we must remember that this achievement is uniquely and exclusively due to excellent teamwork, not only by the Marketing Department, but by all those involved – from those who make the footwear to the team that packages and delivers the orders,” added Orlando Andrade.

How is the e-commerce experience for a safety footwear brand?

"There are several advantages to buying safety footwear at the TOWORKFOR online store, including the speed of delivery, free delivery, ability to exchange/return orders and access to the full range of footwear produced by the brand. However, the main distinguishing factor is the product itself, since we only sell TOWORKFOR products. That means our main competitors are other safety/work footwear brands. Of course there are other distributors who sell TOWORKFOR, but we don’t consider them competitors. Moreover, we try not to compete with our distributors who also sell online, while always working to make sure our service is the best. And I believe it is. However, at the end of the day, what we want is for the customer to choose TOWORKFOR.”