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UITIC: First names are announced

19 Mar 2018

News UITIC: First names are announced
In a joint press conference held in Hong Kong, during APLF, the UITIC Executive Committee, APICCAPS and CTCP, announced the first speakers of the 20th edition of the UITIC Congress, taking place in Porto, from the 16th to the 18th May.

The 20th edition of the UITIC Congress is the first major footwear conference of its kind taking place since the massification of the Industry 4.0 principles. Flexibility, digital technologies, customization and the management of the ever-changing relation between brands and final consumer are key Industry 4.0 principles present in the mind of us all. In this context, Portuguese based footwear manufacturer AMF (brand To Work For) will deliver a much-awaited presentation focused on shoes made without stitching and no lasting processes. This new technology allows the production of shoes using traditional materials in the shoe industry, such as leather, without the need to incorporate many of the standard production stages that have characterized the production of shoes since the beginning. The UITIC Congress will be the perfect opportunity to hear and see the process developed by AMF which uses only one injection machine, unlike any other standard production methods. Without a question, a talk which will captivate the attention of an industry looking into developing non-stitching processes for many years. (

In an environment where disruption is the norm rather than the exception, businesses must have the ability and the skills to turn changes into opportunities before their competitors do. New technologies and new methods appear almost every day and it is key to be the first to understand how these can be applied in the processes in order to drive better performances. Deloitte’s Center for the Edge understands that and works based on this assumption. This special Deloitte’s service conducts original research across industries and develops substantive of and profit from emerging opportunities on the edges of business and technology. In May, Maarten Oonk from the Deloitte’s Center for the Edge will be in Porto to give participants a better understanding of the fundamental changes shaping the world, especially the ones related to exponential technologies and how these can contribute to the development of emerging business models. (

Leandro de Melo, CTCP General Manager stated: “The UITIC Congress will be a unique opportunity for the footwear industry to show its technological leadership. Hundreds of participants already registered to attend the technical sessions and to visit some of the most advanced footwear factories in Portugal”.

Mr. Melo continued: “Nowadays Porto is an important meeting point for international players who can find in Portugalpartners with high-level manufacturing skills, able to quickly respond to the market’s needs and with strong in-house departments focused on the development of products”.