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Vudu Shoes

15 Sep 2008

News Vudu Shoes
After ten years working in the footwear industry for big brands, Norberto Costa Ltd, a trading company from Felgueiras, is almost starting a project of his own brand. In September, in MICAM, the Vudu Shoes will presented himself to international markets.

It s an ambitious project argued Rafael Volski, because Vudu pretends to be assumed as a brand of international vocation. We donĀ“t want to be just another brand - continued - but instead to be assumed as a rebellious and daring brand, able to be different in both male and female segment.

Rafael Volski underlined that Vudu Shoes wants to create distinctive elements in the medium term, focusing first on the European market. Actually, is being prepared an ambitious plan of promotion, which includes being presented in eight of the most important global forums of specialty, to approach the market retailing in a high-average range.

The Vudu Shoes made in the meantime, a first test in the market. The receptivity was excellent, both from European customers and the Asian, especially Japanese, said Rafael Volski. The fact that we join an innovative design to the comfort and quality in virtue of the use of excellent quality leather, awakened the interest of our potential customers, revealed.