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WOCK launches new ultra light professional footwear

01 Aug 2011

News WOCK launches new ultra light professional footwear
WOCK has recently launched, at a worldwide level, an ultra light clog which is ideal for professionals who spend a lot of hours standing. “WOCK Everlite distinguishes itself by its design, maximum comfort, feet protection and for the material that it is made from (XFS), a material which according to recent studies is the most adequate material for professional footwear due to its high degree of resistance to abrasion, its flexibility and stability”, revealed José Pinto.

For the person responsible for WOCK “this new clog, due to its ultra light and anti-slip properties, constitutes the ideal footwear to use in activities where professionals spend a lot of hours standing up and have a tendency to get fatigue and discomfort in the feet and legs such as in hospitals and other health institutions, beauty institutes, laboratories and industrial cleaning”.
Available in eight colours, the WOCK® Everlite possesses other differentiating characteristics such as shock absorption, machine washability up to 50ºC, ventilation, anti-static capability and having a removable insole, which makes it perfect for doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, dentists, surgeons, hair dressers, aestheticists, masseuses and cleaning staff.