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Zouri: Footwear for children made with apple

- 18 Feb 2021

News Zouri: Footwear for children made with apple
Brand launches new collection for children

 Soles made with plastic from the ocean and shoes made with raw materials from apple’s waste. This isn’t a journey into the future of sustainability, this is reality. This are innovations from Zouri and are now available as children’s footwear.

The brand of Adriana Mano was created in 2019 with a clear goal: clean the beaches and bring eco-friendly products to consumers. The first models incorporated plastic gathered on Portuguese beaches, however, the brand’s commitment to sustainability didn’t stop here. Insoles were also made from recycled materials and vamps were made from natural and biodegradable materials, such as organic cotton, linen, or piñatex. Recently, Zouri has launched a model made with raw materials from the apple’s industry waste.

However, now Zouri wants to reach the younger segment and has launched Zouri with sizes from 28 to 34. The children’s line appears as a natural evolution of the brand, especially given Adriana Mano's awareness-raising activities in schools, explaining to children and youngsters that "waste can be raw material".

"It made sense to us and so we took the risk”, explained Adriana Mano in an interview with Dinheiro Vivo. Practically, "manufacture a children’s pair of shoes costs the same as an adult’s but the market is not ready to pay the same for both”.

Since its launching, Zouri has already collected four tons of plastic from Portuguese beaches. In 2020, the brand opened a space in CCBombarda with more national brands that are connected to sustainability.

Adriana Mano’s goal is to "massify sustainability”, however, that isn’t an easy task regarding the value of materials and the workforce. "There’s a lack of knowledge from the consumers about the real production cost. All of this costs a lot of money and who’s in the sustainability segment give up their margin to be in the market”, says Adriana. "Respect animals, people, oceans, to have fair salaries and trade, and have a marketable price is a complicated puzzle. People need to understand that they’re not paying more, they’re paying the fair value for a pair of shoes made in Portugal, not in Vietnam”, explains Adriana Mano.