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Ana Lusitana

Segment Luxury - Medium
Use Urban
Type Boat Shoes - Boots - Mocassins - Home Shoes

Seen by many as the new "strong sex", Ana Lusitana Shoes is the fruit of the inspiration and power that women currently have in many of their surroundings. Also born under the watchful eye of a woman, Ana Santos, the brand joins thus to the portfolio of the famous Carlos Santos Shoes - an inescapable name in the production of men's luxury footwear worldwide.

"Ana Lusitana arose from the will to work more with the female audience, thus responding to the desire of many who already follow us"

Ana Lusitana Ana Lusitana

"With a classic heart and irreverent attitude," Ana Lusitana Shoes is a brand of women's shoes designed especially for today' s women. Mothers, professionals,housewives, active and concerned with their image, but also with their well-being.

In its first collection, the brand proposes two distinct lines where comfort is the common denominator: a sport with a glamorous touch and another casual, quite practical and comfortable. Sneakers, loafers or the most masculine brogues are some of the designs available in different colors and materials or with embroidery Options for different tastes and moments of the day to day, designed to accompany the woman throughout their different "roles".

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