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Product Men - Women - Children - Unisex

Rather than a merely brand, BOOTLEGGER represents a lifestyle. A contemporary brand based on the ideology of craftsmanship and design.

It started with a dream to create an original and contemporary brand on the ideology of craftsmanship and design. A brand that undressed itself of fashion excess and returned to the simple design and craftsmanship to produce a new exciting and timeless collection…

We are a group of dedicated people on what we do. We have always been concerned about the affirmation of an open mind, faced to simplicity and authenticity. We adore craftsmanship and those who take attention to every little detail. That’s what life is about, easy to say, but not always easy to do. Whenever we decide to do something, we do it with professionalism, with the same dedication as in everything else we do. We try to follow our convictions to create shoes. Our communication is growing fast. We have strong collaborations with a wide range of internationally established partners. Great products communicate by themselves…

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