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The usual city backpacks all look the same and serve only one purpose. Airback is a unique, beautifully-designed backpack to love, as it allows
you to do so much.

It boasts a discreet yet sophisticated style that doesn't go unnoticed. You can rest assured that you will be staying hip and classy while using Airback, and it will undoubtedly become a conversation starter.

Airback is a Fun, Multi-Use Backpack with Minimalist Design

We remove fifteen plastic bottles every time we make one of these stunning backpacks. They are built to last, lessening the environmental impact and the need for extra pieces. The materials are of the highest quality, manufactured in Portugal, which guarantees full traceability. Our project involves fair and sustainable working conditions for all.

The sky and your imagination are the limits when it comes to using our backpack. Is it sunny, rainy in the city, in the park, out in the country, or the mountains? You can play with the typical and also unexpected uses for Airback. You can carry your laptop, devices, books, beverages, food, clothes, and even use it as a pillow to rest your head after a picnic or as a padded mat, a cushion, and more!

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