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Product Men - Women
Segment High
Use Urban
Type Booties - Boots - Sandals

Unrelated to previously planned trends, the new brand affirms, without prejudice, the timeless values ​​of joy, freshness, irreverence, of the Cuban fiesta. The intensity of the warm colors, the tribal touch of the materials, the comfort without compromises and the emotion of every detail, transform the Cubanas brand into a way of being active, typical of urban life, young and modern.

Created in 2005, Cubanas reflects the desire to take quality and elegance across borders, in a very urban and current experience. The social and historical anachronism of Cuba and the uniqueness of its positive non-conformity, are at the origin of the name - Cubanas - being the spectrum of its DNA and the engine of its will to assert itself.

Cubanas Cubanas Cubanas

It is this unpredictable mixture, which makes each product a statement, founded on an inexhaustible universe of exoticism and originality, and which, being universal, will support the sustained internationalization of a 100% Portuguese brand. The Cubanas brand, initially launched only in the manufacture of footwear, is now based on a broad platform of clothing and fashion accessories, with its own and signed production. With the ambition of those who believe in the strength of authenticity, the Cubanas brand already designs its own store network, interfaces that will soon bring the brand closer to the public, adding to the concept an environment capable of translating and affirming its dynamics .

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