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Construction Type Strobel
Product Men - Women - Unisex
Segment Medium
Use Casual - Sporty - Urban
Type Boat Shoes - Booties - Boots - Mocassins - Sandals - Shoes - Sneakers - Mule

Because you decide! Welcome a new era, a new movement, your way of being and thinking.
We are proudly Portuguese and think beyond the conventional. We prioritize sustainability, ethics and the charisma of those who do things with their hearts and who want to leave their soul in each product.

We idealize, design and implement exclusively for you who have an open mind and are looking for what is best done in Portugal. We want your shopping experience to be something unique and memorable. We favor Slow Fashion instead of Fast Fashion. We believe in the maxim of having less but better.


ESC to what doesn't matter! Dare to walk on top of attitude! We want to create a compromise between the trend and what you want, between what you dream and your identity. Everything you imagined but never found, is today idealized and realized by us so that you can mark your presence and feel that we think like you and for people like you!

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