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Product Women
Segment High
Use Casual - Sporty - Classic - Ceremony - Outdoor
Type Booties - Boots - Sandals - High heel - Shoes - Sneakers - Confort - Ecological - Leather linings - Leather welt - Vegan - Knitted - Loafer - Slippers - Mule - Stilleto - Comfort - Slides

Obsession for clean design meets passion for perfect details. GLADZ was born. Positioning itself as an intelligent alternative, GLADZ oozes the energy of a luxury design brand.

Inspired by the historical evolution of the feminist movement, the shoe brand meets the need for affirmation, sophistication and distinctiveness of contemporary women.

Gladz Gladz


Its focus is combining luxurious materials and unexpected textures, their shoes are timeless and feminine and stand out for their flawless quality and eclectic elegance. Production takes place in Vila de Cucujães, in the north of Portugal, where Gladz artfully marries the zing of a curious creative team and the artisans tradition of master shoemakers. Modern design joins forces with know-how, the DNA of our industry. The result is excellence.

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