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Pure Future

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Pure Future is built on the construction of a pure, clean future, where objects that are optimizely, intelligently and functionally created, seem dislocated, enriched by strong and vibrant details that complement and challenge them. With a strong influence from high-tech sports, Pure Future presents itself as a perspective of a practical, dynamic, comfortable future with sophisticated lines enhanced by peculiar details of technological materials. Thus, with a strong identity, what could be considered strange or exaggerated turns out to be innovative, strong and sophisticated, approaching, in this way, the GLADZ woman.

Introducing our Ethical, 100% Vegan and Eco-friendly shoe line. They’re developed with responsible choices in mind, seeking to introduce the most sustainable and recycled materials in our products. This eco-conscious shoe line is manufactured in Portugal, under worker-friendly conditions, and promotes a vegan-friendly lifestyle. Everything from the animal-free testing and biodegradable components to the recyclable-material packaging in taken under consideration. The vegan fashion revolution starts with this collection but will continue to influence our future designs.

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