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Construction Type Cemented
Product Women
Segment Medium
Use Casual
Type Booties - Boots - Sandals - High heel - Shoes

GOODSTEP is a trademark registered in 2010 by METRO -Indústria de Calçado with the main goal of developing women’s footwear, combining comfort and style, being those, the notorious traits of the brand.

GOODSTEP invests in his own design collections, clearly focused in excellence.

Focusing in the continuous research and selection of the finest new raw materials, fashion accessories, cloth patterns and details.

GOOSTEP designs his own collections. Pursuits and research the most recent offers of the market, doing a trip to Europe each year. Design with Technique Always aware of the market’s and client’s needs, GOODSTEP aims to develop collections that combines a casual look, yet sophisticated, with comfort and a great quality/price ratio. Currently, GOODSTEP is represented in Portugal, from north to south and also in countries like Spain, France, Belgium and Germany.

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