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Luís Onofre

Product Men - Women
Segment Luxury - High
Type Booties - Boots - Sandals - Home Shoes

The Luís Onofre brand was born in 1999, but my relationship with footwear predates that, as I belong to the third generation of the Conceição Rosa Pereira family, who works in this industry since 1939.

I have always learned that to make shoes and accessories of extremely high quality, which fall into the luxury segment of the market, it is important to select high-class materials, as well as to combine innovation and technology with the level of detail of a handmade production.

Luís Onofre Luís Onofre

A worldwide collection is not only about trends or inspiration; it has to reflect the sensitivities of the markets for which it is intended.The design of a shoe is a unique process that joins technique and inspiration together. Maybe that is why women fall so deeply in love with shoes.It is such passion and impact that I try to honor in all Luís Onofre models, and that I see when actresses like Penélope Cruz or Naomi Watts, or icons like Michelle Obama, Laetizia Ortiz or Genoveva Casanova, wear them. We currently export 93% of our production and are present all over the world: Spain, Russia, Netherlands and Belgium, Southern France, Germany, Dubai, USA, Canada, Angola, Nigeria, Brazil, Mongolia, China and South America.My main challenge for the future is to expand the brand into new territories and to live each collection with the same level of truth and determination. In fact, I must admit that I get emotional whenever I see my shoes on the streets...

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