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Product Unisex
Type Sneakers - Ecological - Vegan

Designed, created and produced in Portugal, is a project of a portuguese company of footwear with more than 30 years of experience. We embraced the responsibility to be part of changing worlds behavior toward our future and have a sustainable and circular industry.

We only focus and use components that, in some way, are ecofriendly and alternative to materials from animals origin.

Freedom, equality, innovation, the circular economy and a more sustainable fashion are part of the brand’s values.

We ensure that our production is made in a company that is fair with all their employees and suppliers, providing the best working conditions and ethical manegement. We are proud of being partners of Savana Calçados, SA.

Eco friendly design. We want to make the planet a better place for you, for me and for everyone, we want to make the planet.

We put the four pillars of sustainability at the heart of our values.

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