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Construction Type Stitch and Turn - Side Stitch - Injection
Product Women
Segment Luxury - High - Medium
Use Casual - Urban - Militar - Non-slip - Biker - Western-Cowboy
Type Booties - Boots - Mocassins - Sandals - Home Shoes - High heel - Shoes - Sneakers - Confort - Ecological - Oxford - Loafer - Slippers - Mule - Stilleto - Comfort

Tatuaggi is a footwear manufacturing company that promotes the Portuguese industry worldwide by exporting 99% of its production. The business is based in the city of São João da Madeira, which is widely known for its extensive and deep-rooted tradition in the shoemaking industry.

All products manufactured by Tatuaggi uphold a distinctive fashion pattern that was developed throughout over twenty years of activity. The brand’s concept and design mirror the self-concept of a wide variety of consumers, conveying an image they easily identify with.

Tatuaggi Tatuaggi Tatuaggi

Tatuaggi's products stand out for their handmade look and touch. This is achieved by masterfully combining the use of the most advanced machinery with artisanal skills and expertise.

Tatuaggi has always endeavored to combine design, innovation, comfort and ecological concerns. Given the fact that Tatuaggi is a company of the world, it is crucial that it evolves along with fashion and innovation. This is why there is a dedicated development department, making continuous research to spot the latest developments in the industry, so that the brand keeps up with every relevant improvement on what design, materials, or technology is concerned. Moreover, the use of ecological and biodegradable materials is a key aspect of Tatuaggi footwear, with a view to minimize its environmental impact.

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