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Portuguese Shoes 2018

The Portuguese Footwear’s new promotional campaign aims to be a statement of a country filled with talent. Reinforces the connection to several other sectors of the Portuguese economy, such as clothing, jewelry and tourism – since this campaign was symbolically made in Madeira – and applies a younger, fresher language orientated to the new wave of consumers.

After Sara Sampaio, Sharam Diniz and Victoria Guerra, Alecia, Francisco Henriques, Isilda, João Lima, Maria Clara, Maria Rosa and Ricardo Gomes are the new faces of “The sexiest industry in Europe”.

The external promotion is the main priority to the Portuguese footwear industry, which exports over 95% of its production to 152 countries throughout the world, that is equivalent to 81 million pairs of shoes worth approximately 1.950 million euros.

For that reason, precisely 10 years ago, with the support of COMPETE Program, APICCAPS (Portuguese Footwear, Components, Leather Goods Manufacturers' Association) has launched a bold communication campaign of the Portuguese footwear in external markets – with the slogan “The Sexiest Industry in Europe” -, thereby seeking to gain a new positioning to the sector it represents.

Grounded on the logo Portuguese Shoes, the campaign is inspired by the typical Portuguese iconography. To APICCAPS, this is a moment to carry out an assessment of the developed work. In the last decade, the Portuguese footwear exports have increased 60%, reaching, once again, a new historic maximum, by the end of the year. During that period, the average export footwear price increased approximately 30% and Portugal presents, nowadays, the second higher average export price, among the main footwear manufacturers worldwide.

The Association is currently preparing new activities regarding this communication campaign, where is included an unprecedented investment on the American continent.