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Portuguese Shoes

+ 50%

Growth of exports over the last decade

76 Million

Pairs produced in Portugal in 2019

+ 50%

Growth of exports over the last decade

20th Largest

Footwear producer in the world

Our goal is to improve the image of all the Portuguese Shoes Companies and make they shine in the worlds eyes.

A youthful, modern, forward-facing industry, one that unites the best in craft and tradition, cutting-edge technology and «savoire-faire» with a heightened sense of design and creativity. The Portuguese Footwear industry is design-led and constantly evolving.

Here you can find all the information about portuguese footwear companies and brands.

In the past few decades, Portugal has pursued an upgrading path within the footwear’s industry value chain, based on flexibility and responsiveness in the production capacity, in innovation regarding the final product and materials, in the increasing integration of new skills in fashion and design, and in a strong reinforcement in the external promotion, without leaving behind, of course the renowned excellence on the production. .

Footwear represents an important role in the Portuguese industrial structure. Footwear production employs approximately 40 000 people, in almost 1 500 companies. The sectors associated with the production of footwear components and leather goods employ over 7 000 people in other 389 companies.

Portugal is nowadays a major reference in the international footwear market due to the sophistication and creativity of its companies, which offer a great variety of solutions to its potential clients, from own brands with high-end fashion products to private label brands, from the classic men shoes to the sportswear for women. A modern industry of footwear equipments and components also complements the Portuguese footwear cluster, which also includes a diversity of leather goods.

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