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New generation: Hélder Santos, Comforsyst

02 Nov 2023

Stories New generation: Hélder Santos, Comforsyst
With a degree in architecture, Hélder Santos began his career in the family business 11 years ago. His aesthetic vision and creative process methodology were essential to the identity he created at Softwaves.

Was working for the company a priority?
It wasn’t a priority, but it came naturally, as this company was always part of my life. I’ve always followed its journey, conscious of its stories and challenges.
My participation in Comforsyst arrived at the right time in my career when the Softwaves brand called for strong development in footwear design, a strong and clear affirmation of a brand language aligned with the needs of the international market.

What have been the greatest challenges?
The challenges are constant, some more difficult than others because the market demands it so. But to answer you clearly, the most demanding challenge is to find and develop a design product that can be common to different countries, cultures and tastes, which is one of the main challenges because our customers are demanding and diverse.
Keeping an eye on trends and implementing new design ideas in each collection is the best possible way within the limited time and space that we have.

How would you define Softwaves?
The Softwaves brand, in addition to being in the market in an energetic way with an identity always up-to-date, has always been emotionally present in the lives of our customers.
What I most appreciate about this brand’s personality is what it stirs up in the customer, a natural desire to remain loyal and to maintain the desire and taste to purchase more than one of our products, given their unlimited comfort and attractive design.

How did your background in architecture influence the identity of the brand?
My professional career in architecture influences everything I do. There is a specific way of thinking and seeing, a methodology that is intrinsic to the creative process, which directly shapes all the work that has to be carried out, especially in the area of design, in which an architect’s pragmatic, technical and artistic thinking is reflected in their work, whatever it may be.

What advice would you give to a young person starting out now?
I wouldn’t say advice because those are subject to several interpretations, but I can say with conviction that you have to want it, want it badly. There’s a lot to be done on a career path to achieve certain goals in the plan and maintain it, so you must be resilient, enjoy what you do, want it badly and go for it.

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