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New Generation: José Marco

26 Apr 2024

Stories New Generation: José Marco
José Marco Peixoto, who has a master’s in management, has been working at the family business Calçado Penha since 2020.

Was it a natural choice to work at Penha?
Yes. I can say that the company is deeply rooted in me. I’ve been involved in the day-to-day running of the company since I was very young, as a large part of my family, namely my parents, works there.

As a family business, I think it’s important to carry on the legacy, and it’s up to us, the new generation, to ensure the sustainability of the company in the future.
All this, combined with my academic background, made the decision to join Calçado Penha very natural.

How would you define Penha, and how does it stand out in the market?
Fábrica de Calçado Penha, S.A. is a company that defines itself by its value and the way it relates to all those involved in its activity (employees, suppliers, customers, etc.). This relationship of closeness and trust is key to the company’s success.

In addition, Calçado Penha applies strict standards and quality controls in the production of its products. We can say that the quality of our product distinguishes us in the market, as it is part of a luxury footwear niche.

What have been the greatest challenges so far?
There’s been no shortage of challenges since I joined the company. I started my career in 2020, a year marked by the pandemic that has greatly affected not only the footwear sector but the entire world, leading to changes in consumption patterns and, consequently, challenges in labour management.

One of the biggest challenges in recent times has been the availability and price increase of raw materials. This has had a major impact on production costs and therefore on the company’s profitability.

What advice would you give to a young person starting out in the industry?
Knowing the industry is fundamental, both in terms of what’s trending and what’s at stake.

In this sense, it’s essential to be surrounded by people with knowledge and experience in the sector. This, combined with specific training in footwear design, production, or management, will certainly help to build a solid knowledge base.

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