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The project

The portal Portuguese Shoes is an initiative from APICCAPS, supported by the program Compete 2020, within the Internationalization Program for the Footwear and Fashion Clusters for 2020.

This project combines support for the companies’ presence in the main international fairs of the industry with a diverse range of international promotion and marketing actions, involving 140 companies.


The project aims to implement part of the strategic initiative "Internationalize and Communicate”, predicted in FOOTure 2020, the Strategic Plan of the Footwear Cluster.


The plan is composed by four following typologies:

1.     Fairs and Exhibitions: Fairs and exhibitions are the part of the traditional international promotion actions of the cluster and keep being essential, despite the increasing importance of digital means. These events have a decisive importance for trade by offering a unique opportunity to make contact with a large number of new potential clients. These events are also a privileged opportunity to renew and deepen with people who are already clients.

2.     Business Missions: Missions are initiatives mainly directed to markets or market segments in which Portugal doesn’t have a relevant position yet, therefore aiming to provide a more direct contact with selected key players. The action plan includes too direct missions (USA + Canada and Saudi Arabia) and three reserved missions (USA + Canada, Japan and South Korea). It includes, also, a mission that will bring fashion journalists to Portugal and their specialized publications about footwear.

3.     Business Communication: The aim here is to continue the ongoing effort to bring the companies’ communication to the same level of sophistication that characterizes the institutional campaigns from the sector developed by APICCAPS, un the Portuguese Shoes slogan.

4.     Communication and Institutional Image Campaign: International promotion actions of the Portuguese footwear cluster, directed to the external promotion activities of the companies.


Overall approved investment: 13 624 837,91 €