Arcopédico’s expansion

The comfort footwear brand is literally expanding. Arcopédico’s intention is to invest in the Iberian Peninsula through the opening of the new commercial spaces. So far, until the end of this year, it’s predicted the opening of two new stores in Chiado, Lisbon, and Sevilla, Spain. An investment of approximately 20.000 euros.

The brand currently has seven stores, four of which in Spain, number that will stay the same considering that with the opening of Sevilla’s store another will close.To Élio Parodi, the company’s Administrator, “the idea is to have 15 to 20 Arcopédico stores in the Iberian Peninsula. We haven’t established deadlines because it will all always depend on the opportunities that may come up”, states the businessman, highlighting the current “exorbitant prices” of property. The choice will always tend to areas with a “strong touristic nature”.

New niche markets

To Ropar SA, the holder of Arcopédico, innovation and seeking new clients are the two main principles. For this reason, in 2016, the company launched Easy Walk Experience, a ballerina’s line destined to younger clients. In just a year, the brand has already sold half million euros. However, the goal is to invoice as much as Arcopédico (approximately 40 million euros) in five years. In 2019, there’s also predicted an opening of a new store in Lisbon.
The company from Vila do Conde has recently present a partnership with Swarovski, which has been having great attention from the Middle East.