German retail with good results

The first months of 2019 were very promising for German footwear retailers, with a sales increase of 16% from January and February combined, followed by pretty good results also in March.
In the last month, the retail sales were 9.8% higher than in March 2018. The local observers believe this growth is based on the better weather in this trimester, compared to same period last year. Other positive factor for this was the investment in e-commerce. The Federal Association of the German Footwear Retail Trade – BDSE –, predicts the physical stores have lost 4% of turnover last year, while the e-commerce total footwear sales increased between 4 to 5%.
According to BDSE, 2018 was particularly harsh for the retailers due to a decline of 3% in sales, therefore decreasing the market for a total of 11.5 billion euros.
A study conducted by the association concluded that, also in 2018, just a fifth of the retailers had bigger turnovers than in 2017. In addition, 30% of the respondents were projecting a similar result this year and 47% were confident the sales would increase in 2019.