Kyaia launches new digital platform

It’s called Shoeply and will revolutionize the market.

This new project of Kyaia Group aims to bring closer the brands with retail manufacturers, as well as change the actual process of footwear marketing.
After the launch of Overcube, this new B2B platform will allow retailers from the sector the access to great brands. The project will operate as a virtual showroom, therefore simplifying the availability of new models and trends with just a click.
To Amílcar Monteiro, Kyaia’s CEO, “the whole sector is formatted to work for two collections a year and all its commercial structure is prepared for that. This seasonality is nowadays questioned by the climate and consumption habits, which are no longer the same. Now people are buying by necessity, not according to the time of the year”.
As main advantages, the group highlights “the easiness of access to all available products, the flexibility in the purchasing process and cost reduction. This solution optimizes both production and product marketing times”.
This is also a way for Kyaia Group to reduce costs in sample production, for instances. According to Amílcar Monteiro, the three brands of the Group (Fly London, Softinos and ASPORTUGUESAS) produce over 20.000 pairs of samples per year.
In the future, Shoeply will allow the presentation of a higher number of collection both per year and per brand. The platform will be officially launched in the upcoming months.

Rawcube: a new brand at the distance of a click
Digital seems to be the keyword of Kyaia Group, which just launched Rawcube, a 100% digital footwear brand. “There’s no limit for creativity here, not even for the launch of new models: everything happens at the distance of a click”.
To Amílcar Monteiro, this is a solution that will gain scale in the next years. “When the first online stores appeared everyone said that no one would buy shoes without seeing them and trying them on. Nowadays, millions of pairs of shoes are sold online and it’s a growing business. If it was possible for the consumer to buy the product without seeing or touching it, why not convince the professionals that is possible to work in a completely digital way?!”.
the new brand of the Group will be the first on Shoeply. The first collection will only have four unisex models and will not use leather. It will have an unpredictable urban design and a new model will be launched every three weeks”.