New Generation: Palazzo VII

Ana Luísa and Carolina, Palazzo VII

This story seems like a fairy tale. Luísa and Carolina have always known each other. They’re lifetime friends and have gathered in their adulthood to build this ‘charming’ project. Ana Luísa as a degree in Fashion Design, by ESAD, and a master degree also in Fashion Design by Domus Academy, in Milan. She did internships in the fashion city, Milan, at Gianfranco Ferre? Foundation and Damir Doma. Carolina, by its turn, has a degree in Management and has master degree in Marketing Management and International Business. Two apparently opposite fields that found balance in their project Palazzo VII.

How did you two meet?
We met each other on a ballet class when we were five. Since then we created a strong friendship and our mom were also really close at work. We’ve been through a lot of equal haircuts together!

What brought you together, as you come from such different fields? Why did you decided to start this project? Was it a natural choice?
(Luísa) It was something natural and spontaneous. When I finished the master degree in Fashion Design, in Milan, my interest in luxury products grew. The master degree allowed me to define my aesthetical language and identity. Therefore, the desire of creating a brand within that product concept emerged. I shared the idea with my friend Carolina, who studied Management and International Business, and, although we are from completely different fields, we’re both passionate about fashion. O we got to the conclusion that our differences would actually complement each other and that fashion was going to bring us together! Then, we thought: “Why don’t we start this project together?”

 What does your brand have to offer to the market?
Palazzo is a young, mysterious brand with an undoubtedly retro vibe!
Our shoes are like little treasures, with the exclusive packaging, the quality of the design and finishing, the materials, such as velvet, satin and Italian leathers. Each pair is a delicacy. We want our clients to feel happy and confident about their shoes. We design collections that can keep up with the special moments of a woman’s daily life. Our models are versatile, unique and timeless.
Regarding design, we always stay faithful to the brand’s identify by designing each shoe with a holistic purpose in its function.