This is the tale about two girls with an obvious passion for fashion and handbags. You know what they say: “there can ever be enough handbags for a woman”. If the first loves sweets, the second one prefers salty snacks. If one likes movies, the other one prefers music. If one likes quiet places, the other one prefers parties. One of them will be forever the sentimental girl, and the other the rational girl.


the list goes on. However, there is one thing they have in common, a particular taste for fashion and handbags from which Maria Maleta’s has born. After many conversations about what to do with the own ambitions, in a very casual way, Maria Maleta was found in September of 2013. Maria Maleta is a Portuguese brand of fashion accessories, only in genuine leather and evidences the quality on raw-materials with the best production in Portugal. Maria Maleta is a fun way to combine outfits, being the true reflection of its founders, in which, throughout a casual and fun way, they want to be able to delight the consumers according to their requirements as well as enabling them to create unique and custom pieces. Originally from Porto, Portugal, Maria Maleta is a new brand that features an unique sense of design and taste.

Designed for the casual or the upbeat girl that wants to be always ready and on top of things.